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Social Media advertising in London targeted to the many bars and clubs brings nothing less than astounding results. Bringing an immediate return on advertising spending (ROAS) in most cases. We at our Advertising London offices Guarantee to place your advertising message on Beer Mats directly to the heart of the City.

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Imagine the effect on your business if we were to place one of the most powerful advertising media in front of hundreds of thousands of the most affluent consumers in the United Kingdom.
Then imagine we repeat it every hour of the day, every day of the week every week of the Year.

A recent advertising campaign conducted on beer mats in cental London for the City of London University, although scheduled to run for 6 weeks was over subscribed in just a few days!

Research by Independent researchers reported that advertising in London social venues generated a massive 78% prompted recall on average amongst key targeted audiences.
Advertising London response statistics for 2011

Beer mats are an amazing piece of pulp board.
We say "amazing", not for the product itself but for its ability to convey a powerful advertising message directly to consumers while they're relaxing.

Certified statistics gathered over many years have proven that the best time to educate people is while they are in a relaxed atmosphere and frame of mind.

At no other time except when we're sleeping are our minds more open to suggestion and able to store and remember information. But just in case we pop the beer mats in our pockets.

Over the past couple of years the phenomenal increase in awareness of the potential of social media advertising in London as well as the rest of the free world has had a great impact on how companies do business...... to be continued.

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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