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Business advertising strategies differentiating one company from all its many competitors is what everyone in business seeks to achieve.
Setting one company apart from its competition without resorting to a price war; which does no one any good, must be the Holy Grail of all businesses and their advertising strategies.

Advertising Strategies that attract Competitors Customers

Let's be completely honest, there is no such thing as a "new" customer; and the purpose of all marketing and advertising strategies is to attract customers from ones business competitors.Advertising strategies using traditional beer mats

Opening a new business in an area already covered by many well established florist shops; Stems surely had their work cut out for them.

On reviewing the business advertising strategies of their competition Stems found each and every one of them to be advertising in the exact same places.

Stems surmised that the patrons of Public Houses were much more likely to purchase flowers for the "misses" than any other target groups; and many a "girlfriend" fiddling with their beer mats would surely provoke "him" to put his hand in his pocket!

The end result of Stems forward looking advertising strategies; and of us placing their beer mats in all the Pubs and Clubs in these areas was within in weeks they not only became very well established, but the best known and most well respected florist around.Business advertising strategies conducted on beer mats for Rotor Flight Helicopter services

Business advertising and all its strategies must be based around the product and or service itself.

Rotorflight, helicopter training being a "high ticket" item, in terms of both time and money needed to be targeted directly to a very specific clientele.

Beermats placed in prestigious Golf and Country Clubs target the perfect demographic audiences for this type of business enterprise.

Once established in these venues ongoing success became a virtual guarantee for this company; and enabled them to spread their wings to many others.

All business advertising strategies start with a thought and an idea. So what's yours?

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