B2B Lead Generation

Business lead generation has always been of the utmost importance; and never more so than in these less than vibrant times. Being able to generate a constant flow of qualified leads is the life's blood of all involved in b2b lead generation business sales and marketing.
Following the money here will pay dividends!

Business to Business Lead Generation

As the impetus slips away from newspaper, magazine and radio advertising in favour of the latest "new" idea on the block; what's known as "interactive social media" it's become clear that in order to survive and indeed prosper we must interact with all other businesses as well as the general public at large...

What a wonderful idea; can't think why we never thought of it before!
Wait... I'll re-phrase that; I can't think why the rest of the Free World; outside the UK took so long to "discover" this wonderful new idea?

As a nation, we in the United Kingdom have been involved in business lead generation and social media interaction for generations!
Everyone knows, that more deals are done on the Golf Course than in the Boardroom.
And whether we're looking for a painter and decorator or a dentist we would never stick a pin in the Yellow Pages. No; we'd ask a trusted someone of course!
And if we're looking for the lowdown on a local garage; or "genning up" on a new £30,000 vehicle we talk about it down the Pub or the Social club or the Golf club or wherever.

We in the UK are undoubtedly the World experts at social media.
A staggering statistic: Last year (2009) 87,205,000 business sales leads were generated by Beermats in the United Kingdom alone. And not a drink advertised on any of them!

B2B lead generation using the world wide web is excellent if you your looking to sell your products to the other side of the world; or even the far reaches of your home country. Building trust and a social network takes a great deal of time; on average a genuine sales lead appears around 813 contacts made.
While correctly targeted b2b lead generation beer mats; placed in venues will generate 13.69% qualified leads on a regular basis.

In less than a week we took seventeen bookings for "trial" flights.
I'm sure it would have been even quicker if the weather had been better.... I'm well impressed John C. Horizon Aviation

Amazing what a pretty picture on a beer mat will do.
Must have pricked the conscience of every one of the husbands and boyfriends in the local.
We run out of flowers. Guilty consciences maybe? Whatever I'm well pleased.. Stems

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