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The best advertising ideas come to us when we are relaxing and able to focus on how people react to advertising media all around them. The best advertising media ideas will be the ones people view as being non-intrusive, colourful, a picture is always best. And "fiddle-able"..For we all like to do something with our hands.

The best advertising ideas are the ones right in front of us.... 

 You're here because you're looking for some really good advertising ideas. In fact you're looking for the best advertising ideas to promote your company, its products and your services

Fact is, we humans "buy" based on the picture we see in front of us, or from the picture we see in our heads......... Emotion sells!
So with no more ado we'll leave you to browse this page and the rest of our website.

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   20,000 double sided: 1,295€
           (64.75€ per 1,000)

  60,000 double sided: 1,895€
           (31.58€ per 1,000)

100,000 double sided: 2,495€
          (24.95€ per 1,000)

All prices quoted include printing and delivery to your selected areas and venues. Prices subject to vat at the current rate.



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      20,000 x 1 slot =   235€
       (11.75€ per 1,000)

      60,000 x 1 slot =  365€
           (6.08€ per 1,000)

    100,000 x 1 slot =  465€
           (4.65€ per 1,000)

All prices quoted include printing and delivery to your selected areas and venues. Prices subject to vat at the current rate.

Statistics for most popular advertising media in Europe

Colourful and creative advertising designs printed on beer mats always creates interest and brings exceptional results due to their ability to be directly targeted to any specific area; and or clientele.

Some of the very best advertising ideas, designs and campaigns have been conducted on traditional Beermats.

We at Beermats Advertising completely understand the challenges faced by our clients in getting the message across to their specific audience.

Social Media access via Augmented Reality direct links

Augmented Reality Beermats will give you clients access to all your Social Media sites.

Your Website, your Telephone number, your e-mail address, Maps, Offers, Buy Now and, and, and.....!
Advertising on Beermats is one of the very best advertising ideas to date.

We at Beermats Advertising, have placed many millions of beer mats in Europe.
Our client base covers every conceivable business activity from the Local Laundry to Sir Elton John.
Beermats are in front of potential customers for up 22hrs. a Day 7 Days a week.... Every Week. 
Augmented Reality links attract a one off charge of 15€ per link plus vat/iva
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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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