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Creating and building brand awareness is the Holy Grail of every business no matter what the product. Positioning the brand in front of the correct target market will eventually negate the need for continuous high levels of spending on advertising. Positioning and building brand awareness is a absolute must for any business.

Brand Awareness Positioning Guidelines for Success

Once described by Alan Mitchell of marketing week as being "the storehouse of future profits". The importance of building and positioning a brand in the market place cannot be overstated. Extensive research has shown that we all react positively to colourful, hand able media that's placed directly in front of us while we're relaxing.
Toyota brand awareness positioning artwork guidelines

Business research confirms that media that is both "easily transportable" (in our pockets) and instantly recognisable is the most effective at building brand awareness.

Developing a strong relationship between the brand and all its potential consumers encourages brand loyalty; and so generates wealth for the business.

Although Toyota is as a well established brand they continue to raise awareness by advertising on beer mats and positioning their product directly in front of consumers. Toyota World's advertising Beer Mats are predominantly placed in all local Golf Clubs.....

Ryanair brand aweness positioning artwork guidelines on beer mats

Ryanair is a product that needs no introduction for by continually positioning brand awareness media directly in front of their potential consumers Ryanair ensure their brand is never overlooked or forgotten.

Consumers who are loyal to a particular brand say "I recognise and I trust this brand above all others". And "this is the reason I choose to buy from them".

Building and positioning a strong brand reputation is fundamental for ongoing and continued business success.
Ryanair are absolute masters at creating brand awareness by being different to all the others.

Brand Guidelines are really quite simple; promote your brand by being different. Protect your brand by always being honest and truthful. And when deciding where to advertise you brand to generate awareness remember these positioning examples.

Easy positioning guidelines for building your brand awareness start right here

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