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Consumers needs, wants and desires vary greatly depending on age, gender, income and life styles. A one size fits all approach to any advertising and business generation promotions will be by default much less effective. Huge
benefits will be gained by specifically targeting each consumer with surgical like precision.

Specifically Targeted Business Generation Promotions

Successful business generation and promotions are brought about by using surgical like precision to directly target the right consumers for those particular products and services.Business generation promotions by specifically targeted demographic beer mats

For example, Rotorflight being a high cost item in both time and money find great benefits in targeting affluent golfers in prestigious Golf and country clubs

These types of venues are excellent demographics for high ticket items and other similar products. Business promotions carried out in these and other prestigious venues have always returned a high ROAS for each and every one of our clients.

Golf and Country clubs are also well suited to the motor industry; being a particular favourite of such famous names as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Landrover, Citroen, Ford, GM; to name but a few.

Targeted advertising business generation promotions on traditional UK beer mats
These beer mats designed for business generation promotions were placed in a National University with a register of some 14,000 students.
University Students use 2-3 ink cartridges each and every term. So the consumption of Cartridge World's products each week is 2,692... Minimum.

Of course the students couldn't have purchased every one of them from this supplier.... For we were assured that if they had of done, the franchisee could not have coped with these huge volumes.

Placing the right product in front of its correctly targeted consumer is what makes all the difference.

By specifically targeting each and every business generation promotions to their correct demographic audiences for our clients we achieve results not repeatable by any other media.
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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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