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Keeping a finger on the pulse is essential in all business marketing and advertising. Knowing what's hot and what's not means the difference between success and failure in field marketing.
Advertising products and services with due regard to the consumer pulse will pay dividends in all field marketing and advertising activities.

Consumer Pulse Field Marketing using Traditional Beer Mats

Field marketing that harnesses the power of social media, while interacting directly with the consumer has proven to greatly increase both product awareness and prompted instant recall.Consumer pulse field marketing graph of top ten performers

Local advertising awareness campaigns conducted by T-Mobile returned a staggering 80% product recall amongst their key targeted audiences. With well over 67% of all consumers saying they would seriously consider buying T-Mobile's products as a direct result of marketing and advertising beer mats campaigns.

MBA Independent Researchers reported that Public House advertising beer mats generated 78% product recall with consumers in field marketing campaigns.

The pulse generated amongst consumers to this type of social media advertising and marketing is ongoing and sustainable.

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The United Kingdom's NHS (National Health Service) in Northamptonshire conducted campaigns in Pubs and "working mens" clubs to raise the awareness of "strokes". These campaigns were conducted using traditional advertising and marketing Beer Mats.

These campaigns were so successful that in the first four months more than 55% of lives were saved by phenomenal advertising and marketing Beer Mats!
Read full report at Northampton Chronicle and Echo

Checking consumer pulse by field marketing with the UK's number ONE advertising and marketing social media will generate an immediate response.

Generate an instant consumer pulse and field marketing response with beer mats.

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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