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Bringing highly creative marketing solutions to each one of our clients has lead us to become famous throughout the UK and all over Europe.
With a highly respected portfolio encompassing every type of business from the local laundry to Multi- National Corporate Companies. Beer mats are perfect creative marketing solutions

Creative marketing solutions

Being creative in marketing and advertising makes such a huge difference it's impossible to understate it. Being highly creative while looking for solutions to increase awareness of a product, service or brand is of the utmost importance.
Creative marketing solutions for Ryanair on traditional beer mats

It's a common misconception that to be successful it needs to be the biggest, the best, the fastest and the cheapest..! Which is impossible of course.

No; what is needed is to be better than anyone else in your area of business at finding creative solutions for marketing and advertising your products and services to the correct demographic audiences.

One of the most creative companies at identifying marketing niche's is the highly successful Ryanair.
While others in the industry are cutting back Ryanair are ordering many more new aircraft. Making them the best known low cost carrier within Europe.

Creative Solutions with Marketing Beer Mats
Ryanair is but just one of the highly respected companies that are now using us to directly target specific audiences for their products and their services with our Beer Mats.Response statistics for creative advertising and marketing solutions during 2011

These are the statistics for 2009-2010
Although pretty impressive in their own right; we confidently expect the statistics for 2010 to improve in areas of social media advertising and marketing.
i.e. Promo/Sponsor as well as of course Beer Mats.

Improvements in statistics for 2010 are brought about by more and more companies realising the importance of social media marketing; and in the case of Beer Mats the benefits in being able to use this media for directly targeted local social media marketing and advertising. Making the quest to find creative marketing and advertising solutions; easy.

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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