Customer Profile

Establishing a customer profile for the specific groups of consumers that are "MOST" likely to purchase products and or services from your company is fundamental to its success.
Maybe everybody "Could" buy your offering.
Maybe everybody "Should" buy your offering.
But "NOT" everybody "Will" buy your offering.

Customer Profile

No matter how good a companies products are, they will only attract a certain group of buyers.
The identification of potential consumers for a company's products and services is achieved by knowing the customer profile of each of the targeted groups. Customer profile advertising ideas for the Beer Mats

For the most part the customer profile of groups will fall into specific categories; defined by gender, age, occupation, disposable income, interests and so on.
When creating a customer profile for their potential clients most companies have a set of criteria they believe their products and services will go to satisfy the needs of their target market groups.

Armed with information of what, when and how their potential customer makes a purchase; they are able to fine tune the offering to suit the customers needs.

Beer Mats Advertising view of a Customer Profile.

Horizon aviaton Flying School customer profile tarted advertising and marketing

Horizon Aviation is a perfect example of how the application of a targeted customer profile generates an increase in business and profits.
Learning to fly a light aircraft and going on to obtain a pilots licence is an expensive business in both time and money.
Fully aware of all this; we at Beer Mats Advertising came up with a customer profile for this flying school.

These highly colourful beer mats were placed in the Golf Clubs of South Wales and directly targeted to affluent golfers that had both the time and disposable income to afford this "high ticket" item.

Customer profile targeted advertising beer mats statistics
Our customer profile recommendation to Horizon Aviation was well accepted and appreciated.
This is an extract from their flowing letter of much appreciation for both our product and service:

Advertising Horizon Aviation in Golf Clubs has to be the best advertising I've found to date. I wish we had been contacted sooner by this company.
In less than ONE WEEK we took 17 bookings for trial flights.
I am well impressed with the response from the Golf Club and also the service we received from Beermats Advertising....... John C. (Director)

These statistics relate to correctly targeted customer profile beer mats advertising campaigns, which of course is all part of the great service offered by us at Beermats advertising

Your customer profile targeted advertising and marketing campaigns starts right here.

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