Demographic Segmentation

Demographic customer segmentation involves dividing customers into specific groups by age, gender, income, life style. As well as education and occupation; and is the key to all ongoing business success and its further expansion.
Beer Mats are the most effective way to reach demographic customer segmentation audiences

Demographic Customer Segmentation

People are most definitely not all the same and neither are any of the potential customers.
And a "one size fits all" approach to advertising and marketing is most definitely a No.. No..Target customer audiences arranged using specific demographic customer segmentation principles; advertised on beer mats.

Demographic customer segmentation, although somewhat of a mouthful, simply means the dividing of potential customers into different target groups identified by age, sex, income, lifestyle, occupation or by whatever criteria is required by the business.

The fundamental advantages of such demographic customer segmentation is quite obvious. For its implementation means companies are now able to effectively target different groups of individuals for different offerings. Resulting in large increases in their sales figures; while simultaneously reducing their advertising and marketing costs.

Demographic customer segmentation marketing and advertising Beer Mats
So having correctly identified your demographic customer base, you'll need to target them directly to avoid any wastage in advertising budgets.
This is best achieved with a media that guarantees to only target your specific demographic customer.

We at Beer Mats Advertising offer you the exclusive guarantee of placement of your message directly in front of your demographic customer; wherever they may be.
We also guarantee to you that there will be NO competition in your chosen venues by other similar businesses for the duration of all your campaigns. Demographic customer segmentation is assured.

Demographic customer segmentation response statistics 2011

Statistical facts are a very valuable resource; and a good starting point when deciding where to advertise for the maximum return on your investments.

The two top performers, (excluding the television) are both advertising and marketing media targeted to a specific demographic customer based audience out and about spending money.
In each of these areas advertising on Beer Mats has out performed all the other media.
Beer mats are highly vis able and on display to a constantly rotating captive audience for some 112hrs each and every week.

As an advertising and marketing media the traditional Beermat has no equal in its ability to target any specific demographic customer segmentation audience.

Your demographic customer needs segmentation and you need Beermats Advertising.

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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