Experiential Marketing Mix

Spread over a few hours, or days experiential marketing works by grabbing the attention of its target audience and triggering emotions of desire. Thus achieving its marketing objectives.
The perfect marketing mix places the message directly in front of the consumer before, during and even after the event as an action reminder.

Experiential marketing relationship mix objectives

Experiential marketing campaigns along with other product placement objectives benefit greatly when a powerful marketing relationship mix of supporting media is also in place.
Bassetts Citroen outdoor experiential marketing mix objectives in Golf Clubs

Connecting to the consumer through experiential marketing does however have certain limitations.
The attention span of the busy shopper can be measured in seconds; which limits the amount of time available for interaction with the product itself.

These limitations can be overcome by "warming" up the prospect prior to presenting the marketing message.
This is best achieved by placing a supporting message directly in front of the potential consumers while their relaxing; ideally two to three weeks prior to the start of any experiential marketing campaign.

Citroen experiential marketing in Gower Golf Club

Twelve Month marketing campaigns for Bassetts Citroen in the prestigious Gower Golf and Country Club are the perfect mix of experiential marketing and product awareness advertising.

By advertising on the Golf clubs in-house Beer Mats Bassetts Citroen continue to present their message to affluent golfers on a daily basis; generating many thousands of qualified impressions every week.

Linking the Golf clubs directly to advertisers in this way establishes a mutually beneficial and ongoing marketing relationship. Setting the perfect scene for any experiential marketing relationship event.

Experiential marketing evens held in golfing venues throughout the year have always proven to be highly beneficial; and since the advertiser is already looked upon as a "sponsor", or even a "partner" there is little or no need to explain or "warm" the consumer to the company's product.
Saving a great deal of time that's better spent on the experiential marketing campaign itself.

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