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Our business generation lead marketing team at beer mats advertising are famous throughout Europe. They have a proven track record for targeting potential customers in specific areas and venues for our clients. They are generation lead marketing experts working with World Famous Companies and World Famous names.

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Social Media is now the business marketing and advertising buzz words all over the free world. The only know sudden realisation by many of the power and potential of this "new" advertising media can be somewhat understandable in other countries.
But certainly NOT in the United Kingdom; for we in the UK are World experts at all forms of social media. It comes from being a highly sociable nation.

As a nation we are experts in the art of lead generation through social media; we should be, we have been using it to promote our business for longer than any of us can remember.
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For instance we have always known that more deals are done on the Golf Course than in the Boardroom.
And that more products and services are discussed and talked about down the local than anywhere else.
Whatever generation your products and services are aimed at can be reached in these social venues.
Many forward thinking companies are now actually paying their staff to leave their desks and go out to selected venues and interact socially!
Sounds like the perfect job description; but it is of course response driven.

The most popular venues of choice for business generation and lead marketing are the golf clubs, sports and social clubs, fitness and life-style clubs along with the traditional local Pub.
And the "prop" that starts every discussion; and the business card's they're left with are of course traditional Beer Mats.

Now is the time to use all your knowledge and all your experience in business generation to promote your business to your potential clients and customers while they're relaxing.

We can guarantee to place your social media business card directly in front of your potential clients and customers, wherever they may be.

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