Glass and Drinks Coasters

Glass coasters, Drinks coasters, Beer coasters, Bar coaster, Drip coasters even Wine coasters. They are all collectively known as Beer Mats.
Hundreds of Millions of Glass coasters, Drinks coasters or Beer Mats are printed every Year. This powerful form of advertising is now well established in the business advertising domain.

Glass Coasters and Drinks Coasters Promotional Advertising

Glass coasters, Drinks coasters, Beer Mats; what ever we call them, they have been around for more than a 100 years. Initially the advertising domains of the large breweries they are now recognised by corporate companies, International businesses and SME's as being one of the most powerful forms of offline social advertising and marketing media.
Glass coasters and drinks coasters advertising beermats

These glass coasters for the Made Simple Group are designed to raise awareness of their company and its ongoing support structure for small company start-ups and also well established businesses.

Promotional drinks coasters present the message directly to a targeted audience while they're relaxing with friends and family and very possibly discussing a new business enterprize.

Glass coasters placed in front of a highly receptive audience at this time have a high take up response.
Companies "made simple" received an excellent response to their promotional glass coasters.

Business marketing and advertising ideas on glass coasters and drinks coasters

Glass and drinks coasters for Explore and More contain all the relevant information for visitors to Wales. With a 2d scanable barcode for those with "smart phones"; Facebook, Twitter contacts and website URL's. These drinks coasters have the message printed in Welsh on the other side.

Placed in selected venues, these coasters hit their target audiences perfectly; for almost all holiday makers and visitors spend time in the local Pub.

Statistics indicate that 68% of highly colourful and informative drinks coasters are taken for reference.

Marketing solutions on glass coasters and drinks coasters advertising beer mats

Within just 35 minutes of venues in Bristol receiving these glass and drinks coasters for Mask-Arade. They were on the bars and on every table; creating massive amounts of interest for this company.
More than 190 visitors went directly to this website from within the Bristol area alone.

This highly creative impact advertising design for Mask-Arade continues to generate a huge amount of interest form genuine purchasers of their unique products.
Colourful and creative advertising designs printed on beer mats, glass coasters or drinks coasters will always create interest and bring exceptional results.

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Advertising designs for glass coasters must first have a complete and thorough understanding of the product and the challenges faced by the client in getting the message across to specific areas and demographic audiences.

These advertising glass coasters or beer mats are placed in the Golf and Country clubs around Bristol.
The perfect venues for this high value ticket item.

This is one a few designs used by Rotor Flight on their drinks and glass coasters. The high level of response to these glass and drinks coasters led Rotor Flight continue with this beer mat design.

Start Your Business Advertising on Glass Coasters, Drinks Coasters and Beer Mats.

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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