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1.7 BILLION Beer Mats are produced every Year in Europe and North America.
Outdoor advertising on beer mats has proven to be the most powerful form of off line social media advertising.
This highly powerful outdoor advertising media is set to transform businesses all over India.

Beer Mats Outdoor Advertising India

Grabbing the attention of today's busy on the go consumers while they are frantically rushing around as if life itself depends on it; is indeed a massive challenge for every business owner.

The truth is the human brain; being a sequential processor is biologically incapable of paying attention to more than one thing at a time. So any attempt to advertise one's wares to busy consumers will undoubtedly fail, or at the very best fall a long way short of expectations.
Peppy Aquariums India sales promotion Beer Mats.

The good news is, the mind is highly efficient at being able to both store and remember information gained during periods of Relaxation.

This explains the phenomenal rise in the amount of company's advertising on all types of social media.

Over the last 10 years or so outdoor advertising on Beer Mats has grown experientially to encompass almost every area of business and commerce.

Agents of almost every major motor manufacturer have added beer mats to their off-line social media advertising and marketing mix.

Mumbai India beer mats advertising fitness centre

Beermats are essentially business cards, that are placed in front of a relaxed, receptive and rotating audience every day of the week.
They are a non-intrusive outdoor advertising social media well suited for businesses in India.
Being highly colourful and double sided they offer over 176 square cm. of advertising space.

Another great benefit of this outdoor advertising media for India is it's "selective advertising"; in so much that people who are interested in the product advertised "take" the beermat with them. And those that are not, leave the beer mat there for someone who is.
Advertising response statistics for 2011

Statistical facts are a valuable resource and an excellent starting point when deciding where to advertise for the maximum effect and highest return on your investment (ROI)

As you can see by these statistics the two top performers (excluding the Television) are both outside advertising and marketing media and targeted to people spending money.

When you factor in the costs, beer mats out perform all the others.
These statistics relate to correctly targeted advertising campaigns within Europe.

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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