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To be successful all local business advertising ideas must get your message directly in front of your target audience while they are relaxing.
Time and place are of fundamental importance for every local business advertising campaigns. Advertising ideas centered around the "Magpie" effect work extremely well for local business.

Relaxed Local Business Advertising Ideas

When deciding how, where, and what media to use for advertising a local business it's good to remember that a visual handable message placed directly in front of a specific target audience is by far the most effective way for getting any message across. And since we human beings can only pay attention to one thing at a time; any advertising message to be successful must be targeted to when our minds and body's are in a state of relaxation.
Beer mats supporting local business advertising ideas in Pubs

The old adage "a picture paints a thousand words" is as true today as it's always been.
The "magpie" effect ensures that a highly colourful advertising message gets picked up and pocketed.

Advertising on beer mats works exceptionally well for a great many businesses; especially when the target market is in the 18-50 age groups, displaying they have money to spend on enjoying themselves.

Placing advertising beer mats in the local Pubs and Clubs will directly target these groups. Team events as well as great many other local business ideas benefit greatly from advertising in this type of venue.

Cardiff Audi sales lead generation marketing and advertising ideas on traditional beer mats placed in the Golf and Country clubs.

Beer mats are highly colourful and can be directly targeted to any area where people gather together socially. This phenomena makes them the perfect local business advertising media for all your ideas.

Cardiff Audi chose to target their advertising and marketing beer mats directly to the affluent golfers within the golf clubs themselves.

By printing one side of the beer mats for the club and the other with this advertising message; they directly linked Cardiff Audi to the golfers favorite clubs. Positioning them as a "sponsor" with all the extra benefits this brings.

As with all local business advertising it's who you tell that matters; and a "one size fits all" will always be less than completely effective...... Horses for courses and all that!

Choose your local business advertising wisely; we're here to help you with great ideas

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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