Local Business marketing

In these less than vibrant times powerful new ideas are needed for local business marketing.
To be successful all advertising and marketing media must be targeted to the specific areas and placed directly in front of the consumer.
Local business marketing and advertising will bring in 98% of all new clients and customers.

local Business Marketing Ideas

Local business marketing and advertising is without doubt the most important activity you will ever engage in, in your business life.
Getting it right will elevate your company to the very top and establish your brand as the market leader and well ahead of any competition.
Local business marketing and advertising ideas for LBS builders merchants

It should be noted that highly successful corporate entities spend more than 35% of their total budget on local business marketing and advertising. And their business advertising and marketing is in place well before they open the doors for the first time.

An effective business marketing plan must start with a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved and within what time frame.
Any local business marketing and advertising ideas worthy of consideration must contain the ability to be response measured within any specified period.


Supakart local business marketing and advertising ideas

LBS Builders Merchants use different designs on their Beer Mats to target specific areas for each of their many stores throughout the united Kingdom.

This affords them the luxury of being able to make different offers in different venues at the same time.
Enabling them to identify "which offer" in which areas and in what specific venues generate the best results.

They were further aided in their search for effective local business marketing ideas, due to the fact that advertising on beer mats generate an immediate call to action.

Local business marketing ideas on beer mats for Parkwall Garage

Supakart have one of the best indoor and outdoor racing circuits anywhere in the UK and Europe.
Their ongoing business marketing and advertising strategy has always been to target Pubs and Clubs frequented by young men and women within a 25 mile radius of the circuit.

The Pubs and Clubs chosen by Supakart now have active "Kart" teams and inter venue competition racing teams and organised karting events.

Being able to continually measure the response to each of their beer mats advertising campaigns ensures their continued business successes.

Response statistics for business marketing and advertising

Parkwall Garage and MOT service station decided on a business marketing plan to target the local community by advertising on the beer mats.

The results from their initial campaigns proved this was defiantly their best marketing ideas to date.
Within just over a 2 month period they conducted  an additional 47 MOT tests.

Parkwall Garage continue to enjoy a steady flow of repeat business from the local community as a direct result of their original local business marketing ideas conducted on the Beer Mats.

The best local business marketing and advertising starts with ideas. See some here

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Advertising London contacts


Advertising London contacts


Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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