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Getting market segmentation right in the UK; is the Holy Grail of every business enterprise.
Advertising on traditional UK beer mats enables businesses to specifically target the particular audience for their products. Beer Mats are the perfect advertising and marketing media for all market segmentation needs within the UK.

Market Segmentation UK Beer Mats Advertising

Effective market segmentation is prime factor in the successes of every business within the UK "Blanket Advertising" can be effective, provided the business has access to unlimited amounts of money. However for the vast majority of SME's in the UK blanketing complete areas is not a realistic option; and their return on investment (ROI) will almost certainly be in the negative.Customer market segmentation UK advertising Beer Mats

Many companies have their own criteria for how they wish to split their potential consumers into different groups.
The market segmentation of groups of people in the UK are normally identified by age, gender, lifestyles, disposable income, occupation, and so on.

Establishing which groups of customers; although a considerable amount of thought is needed, is but the first step in the market segmentation UK process.

Success comes from effectively targeting all the potential consumers within these target groups; and avoiding any wasted efforts or indeed budgets.

Cardiff AUDI targeted market segmentation in UK golf and country clubs with in house advertising beer mats campaigns.

AUDI identified that their potential customers were amongst the affluent golfers within the many golf and country clubs throughout the UK.

      Our Remit was to Specifically Target.
1, Affluent Men and Women of 25 years and older.
2, Segmentation to be by above average income.
3, Corporate Companies and Business users.
4, Establish a loyal and regular customer base.
5, Target market to include customers that would     further promote AUDI's brand by discussing it     with other affluent potential purchasers.
These advertising beer mats were placed in the Golf and Country Clubs throughout South Wales.

Market Segmentation for UK consumers through advertising and marketing on traditional beer mats

Beer Mats are unique in their ability to target almost every possible consumer anywhere within the UK. And we at Beermats Advertising are regarded as being the UK and Europe's leading experts at targeting our clients potential customers wherever they may be.
With an International portfolio that reads like the Top 500 companies in "who's who" and includes names like Audi, BMW, Ford,. Ryanair. Superstars such as Rod Steward and Sir Elton John advertise with us.

We produce market segmentation campaigns in the UK for a host of Government bodies, Charities, Corporate Companies, SME's of all kinds.

We offer our clients an exclusive guarantee in so much as we guarantee to place their market segmentation messages directly in front of their specific target audiences anywhere within the UK.... Or we will make no charge whatsoever.

All market segmentation strategies in the UK are rightly targeted from here.

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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