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Outdoor advertising; also called "out of home" advertising, is directly targeted to consumers out and about demonstrating they have money to spend. Outdoor advertising and the internet are the only two areas of growth in advertising and marketing. Targeted Beer Mats are the UK's most powerful outdoor advertising media.

Outdoor Advertising and Marketing Ideas London and the UK

Outdoor advertising that is correctly target to the right groups of consumers for each specific product or service generates maximum amount of impressions from highly qualified audiences
Colourful non intrusive Beer Mats targeted to a captive audience while they're relaxing creates lasting impressions, instant product recall and is highly effective at brand awareness building.
Citroen C5 outdoor advertising and marketing beer mats ideas placed in Golf and Country clubs

These promotional beer mats for Bassetts Citroen were placed in front of literally thousands of affluent golfers in the South Wales Golf and Country clubs.

Being on display for up to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, every week; Bassetts Citroen's Beer Mats received, an average of 500 impressions each.
This reflected in sales of new and used vehicles; as well as many commercial business service contracts.

Outdoor advertising promotional Beer Mats generate sales for every major motor manufacturer. As well as all other conceivable business enterprise ideas.

Response statistics for outdoor advertising ideas during 2011

Statistical facts and figures are a valuable resource and an excellent starting point when deciding where to advertise your products and services for the maximum effect and highest returns on investment.

The two top performers; excluding the television, are both outside advertising and marketing media and targeted to people out and about spending money.
In these areas advertising Beer Mats that have been correctly targeted will out perform all the others.
Outdoor advertising ideas on Beer Mats are the most cost effective way to promote your company

Beer Mats are highly visible and on display to a rotating audience for up to 24hr every single day That's 168 Hours of constant advertising to a highly receptive audience of Your Choosing.

Get some Highly Effective and targeted outdoor advertising ideas for your company.

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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