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Adapting promotion ideas marketing to todays hyper-active consumers presents a challenge in "time and place". To get any message across; advertising or otherwise the target recipient must be in a relaxed frame of mind.
Promotion ideas and marketing messages that ignore this fundamental rule will be ineffective.

Promotion Ideas Marketing and Advertising on Beer Mats

All successful business marketing promotion speaks to just one target audience at a time. Any promotion ideas of "one size fits all" is a mistake; and can be a very costly one at that.Promotion ideas marketing beer mats for Horizon Aviation

A promotion that conveys a specific message to a specific clientele while they are in a relaxed frame of mind will produce an immediate response and much higher take up rates. Product branding is a bonus

This marketing promotion was targeted directly to affluent golfers in the Golf and Country Clubs.
It produced 18 initial trial flights and 11 students went on to complete full private pilot licence training.

Success was guaranteed; for it influenced groups of people with both the time and disposal income to be able to purchase this ongoing high ticket product.

Promotional ideas and marketing response rates for UK advertising media

Statistical facts are a valuable resource and a good starting point when deciding where to advertise your products and services for maximum effect and the highest return on your investment.

The two top performers (excluding the television) are both outside advertising social media's and are targeted to people out and about spending money.

In these highly lucrative areas advertising beer mats that are correctly targeted will out perform all others.

They are highly visible and on display to a rotating audience for up to 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.

With up to 168 hours of constant advertising to highly receptive and rotating audiences it has to be the ultimate media for all promotion ideas marketing and advertising.

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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