Reklam Marknadsföring

In Scandinavian countries advertising and marketing is called Reklam Marknadsföring.
Extensive International research has shown that "visual hand able" reklam and marknadsföring messages placed in front of consumers while they're relaxing are the most effective. A highly colourful media further increases the response.

Reklam Marknadsföring. Advertising Marketing Scandinavia

Scandinavian consumers are bombarded with "push" reklam and marknadsföring messages every hour of the day. An hours television program can easily stretch to 90 minutes with all the adverts. Some reklam messages can be repeated three times in the same break...!
Little wonder then that their minds switch off to all this interruption marknadsföring and reklam.

Reklam marknadsforing Scandinavian style advertising and marketing beer coasters

Today's "on the go" consumer has a short attention span when it comes to reading reklam message text. To be successful every reklam and marknadsföring media must communicate its core message in under
3 seconds..... A daunting task!

The answer to this conundrum comes in two parts:
1, Less text. If you feel more explanation is needed, direct them to your website.
2, More visual. The old adage "a picture paints a thousand words" is as true today its always been....
We see a colour picture and we immediately see all the benefits the product or service holds for us.

Resonse statistics 2011 to Reklam Marknadsforing on Beer MatsMaxtek's message is clean, simple and straight to the point; it needs no thought input from the consumer who has a mobile phone that needs unlocking. All they need to know is in the picture.
All of Maxtek's many other products and services can be found easily on their website.

This company's target markets are the 18-45 year old's which are to be found in all the many bars, clubs, restaurants and coffee shops dotted in and aroud their target areas.
By placing the reklam and marknadsföring beer coasters in front of targeted audiences in each of these venues the guaranteed success of all Maxtek campaigns are a forgone conclusion.

Please take a closer look at the rest of our website to see how we guarantee ongoing success for your company.

Reklam Marknadsföring is Advertising and Marketing in Pictures of 1,000 Words.

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