Small Business Advertising

Small business advertising must be targeted to specific areas and correctly targeted clientele.
A one size fits all approach is both costly and ineffective. The key to success is to correctly identify the specific target market for each individual business model and target all spend on advertising to these lucrative areas

Small Business Advertising

Placing the right advertising message in front of its correctly targeted audience is an absolute must for all business advertising; regardless of whether they are small, medium or even large.Small business advertising florists beer mats artwork

Stems, are an excellent example of a small local business getting their advertising and marketing right
This company while still a sole trader identified their market place as being the Pubs and Clubs within a few miles radius of their home base.
By advertising flowers in these venues she effectively "pricked" the consciences of all the male patrons.

Her marketing initiative immediately earned her an excellent reputation and an ongoing relationship with the landlords and staff at each of the venues.

Stems had the right advertisement correctly placed.

Small business advertising touch of class beer mats artwork design

Husband and wife team "Touch of Class" specialise in bespoke hand made jewellery.
Using only precious metals and gems, their jewellery is much sort after by a more discerning clientele.

Small business advertising for this company works exceedingly well from promotions in Golf and County Clubs, along with many Yachting venues and Hotels.

By placing this companies business advertising beer mats; (which in effect are their business cards) directly in front of affluent Golfers and Yachts people we are able to virtually guarantee their continued success and prosperity.

Their continued ongoing advertising campaigns with us proves we were absolutely right in our small business advertising and marketing strategies designed with a Touch of Class.
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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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