Bars, Pubs and Clubs are the number one choice of social meeting places for friends and work colleagues throughout the western world..
It's where they discuss all the latest trends and current events while relaxing with a glass of their favourite beverage.
It's a well known fact that there are more deals done; and contracts agreed to in these social meeting places than in all the Boardrooms!
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Company's looking for an immediate response to their advertising and marketing campaigns benefit greatly from advertising on the beer mats in these venues.

Their Beer Mats serve to raise awareness and educate potential customers about their respective brands, whilst starting real and involved discussions about the latest products and services available to them as a consumer.

Advertising awareness campaigns conducted on Beer Mats by mobile network providers returned a staggering 80% recall amongst their core targeted audiences; with 67% saying they would seriously consider switching providers as a result of social advertising messages they saw and read on Beer Mats down the Local..!

Independent Researchers reported that Public House advertising Beer Mats generated 78% product recall in marketing campaigns.

Recent statements made by the NHS in the UK confirmed that more than 55% of lives were saved as a result of highly successful beer mats advertising campaigns.

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