Beer mats advertising Spain

Company's on the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and Costa Brava are experiencing increases in sales that more than double those of the rest of Europe. This is because TWO Beer Mats are needed for every glass in Spain, 1 underneath and 1 on top! Creating high Impact Branding and Highly Effective Business Advertising.

Beer Mats Advertising Spain Costa Blanca, Calida and Brava

Building a strong local brand identity in Spain is the single most important factor for generating more business; and is indeed fundamental to its ongoing success and greater expansion.
Beer mats advertising Ibex Insurance in Spain

Effective branding of both the company name along with its products and services enables a business to grow experientially and expand while enjoying even greater increases in its profitability.

Ibex Insurance are the leading expatriate insurance provider in the Iberian Peninsular, the Canary and Balearic Islands Spain.
Always a leader and never a follower Ibex Insurance were the first to take full advantage of the leaverage offered by these phenomenally powerful Beer Mats.

Ibex promote their brand and offices throughout all Spain with these highly colourful Beer Mats.
Treasure Chest promotional beer mat on Costa Blanca Spain

Effective branding elevates a company's name product or service into something quite unique.

Seven Steps to Advertising and Branding.
1, Only place your advertising in beneficial areas
2,  Always target the consumers demonstrating         they have money to spend.
3, Demand your advertising provider guarantees
    you exclusive, No competition advertisements.
4, Use a media platform that everyone likes.
5, Advertise on highly visible, colourful media.
6, Use media that generates recommendations.
7, STOP any advertising media that treats your        unique business as "just another advertiser".

Local company's such as "The Treasure Chest" are well known for being at the cutting edge of brand building and are reaping the rewards for their forward looking innovated marketing ideas

     Advertising Statistics 2012

       Television (UK)         21.66% 
       Radio    (Local)          1.41%
       Flyers                        0.14%
       Promo/Sponsor          9.06%
       Local Newspapers      2.37%
Beer Mats               17.34%

Discounting the Television (UK) statistics; which of course has no relevancy in Spain whatsoever.
The top performer is the traditional Beer Mat.

Linen Mills are another such company seizing the opportunity to place their advertising message directly in front of audiences demonstrating they are the ones to watch and emulate.
Both their brands "Linen Mills" and "Muebles 43" are being promoted on Beer Mats in Spain.
Spain beer mats advertising Restaurante Nautilus

Beer Mats in Spain are more than three times more effective because of the common practice of placing a beer mat both on top of the glass as well as underneath it!
So we remove the top beer mat (read it) pick up the glass (read the lower beer mat) take a sip, replace the glass (read beer mat) replace the top beer mat (read it again.. both sides).. then repeat the cycle over and over and over again.

For the Nautilus the immediate effect of the Spain beer mats is demonstrated by returning visitors.
Already the word on the street is "we're going to the Nautilus"; rather than "we're going for a meal".

Advertising Spain bee mats for GT Autos

Spencer and Tim at GT Autos were one of the first to see the potential of using Beer Mats to promote their business.
They saw the potential and seized the opportunity immediately. And in doing so they effectively "blocked" any and all would be competition.

Within hours their beer mats were out working for them; conveying their message and bringing in new clients.

Highly positive initial results has encouraged GT Autos to consider switching all their advertising and branding budget in Spain to Beer Mats.

Consumers choose products and services by using both emotion as well as judgement.
Imagine everywhere they go locally they see your colourful message on every table top and the entire bar area completely covered with your advertising and marketing Beer Mats Spain

Adding value to your business by effective brand building and advertising strategies

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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