Strategic Marketing Ideas

Powerful new strategic marketing ideas are needed to boost sales and retain profits.
To be successful all advertising and marketing media Must be Targeted to specific areas and placed Directly in front of the Consumer..!
Local business marketing and advertising will bring in 98% of all new clients and customers.

Why Beermats
are the Best and Most Cost Effective way to Promote Your Company and Your Products to a Targeted Area.. with Strategic Marketing.

We all just love the Beermat... We tap them on the tables and rap them in the bars.
We flick them and we fiddle with them. And there's nothing better to scribble that all important note or telephone number on.... If we're interested in the product advertised we simply "pop" the Beermat in our pockets..! And if we're not, we leave there for someone who is...
Statistics for advertising media 2013
DURATION: Beermats are on display for up to   24hrs. a days 7 days a week.......Every Week.

ROTATING AUDIENCES: Beermats are placed directly in front of constantly rotating relaxed and highly receptive audiences..

READ MORE THAN: The average Beermat is read more than 17 times during its life time......

SELECTIVE ADVERTISING: The people who will have taken your Beermats, have done so, for they have an interest in your products or services.
Not to read "who dunit to who" but to contact you.Beermats cost offer prices

NO COMPETITION: Beermats are a unique product that enables our clients to choose specific target areas; without any competition.
For we never, ever allow the same or even similar business activities to be place in the same venues.

IMAGINE: The effect it will have on your business when every venue in your chosen target areas is filled with your Full Colour, High Resolution, Double Sided Beermats.....
Add "Augmented Reality" and you have a killer combination..!
Caveat: Please remember there can only be one of each type of activity in any venue...

NEXT: Download the Free app from Scan the Beermat see it come to life.....!!!

 "Beermats must be the only advertising media, that if it was NOT placed in front of us we'd complain about it". Virgin Media Marketing Team.

PICKED UP IN A BAR: "After a great deal of thought we decided the best way to target all areas would be by advertising on Beer Mats.
Concluding that whichever Newspaper, Magazine or Booklet people read; or whatever Radio Station they listened to, they undoubtedly listened to it or picked the paper up in a Bar".....
Beermats advertising does exactly what it says on the tin..............The Treasure Chest.

FORD Talleres Martinez: We received 157 visits to our showrooms; with 30 coming in just 3 days.
The support and after sales service was nothing short of excellent.. Highly Recommended.                                                                               Talleres Martinez.  FORD Motor Group.

RYANAIR: "Promotional Beermats are a different idea; and one that works exceedingly well with measurable results. And we do like different ideas"......... RYANAIR


Strategic marketing brings results! When you're sure you're ready for it... Click Here.

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Strategic marketing ideas on Beermats

Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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