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We at Beer Mats Advertising are the preferred suppliers for Promotional Table and Bar Mats throughout the whole of the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Scandinavia.
We place highly colourful Table and Bar Mats, containing visual handable advertising messages directly in front of consumers.

Beer Mats Advertising for both Table Mats and Bar Mats UK

"Advertising that fails to target consumers during periods of relaxation will undoubtedly fall short of expectations”........ Comments made by the UK's leading Independent Researchers.Getting customers through the door with colourful table and bar mats advertising.

Getting a constant flow of new customers through the door is a never ending task for every business owner; whatever the size of the company; and how to get the attention of potential consumers is the question asked by every single business in the UK.

And the answer is to make sure you target potential customers while they're relaxing. For this is the time when their minds are most open to suggestion and able to store and remember information.

Bar mats and table beer mats are the perfect solution for they are always speaking to a receptive and rotating audience at the right time.

Table Bar and Beer Mats Advertising for Mask Arade celebrity masks

Table and Bar mats for Mask-Arade are targeted to Bristol centre, where they are on display to active and receptive audiences in high volume venues that host live entertainment every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

These bar mats for Mask-arade are out working 24 Hours a Day, every day of the week; Every Week..!
For they are targeted to a highly receptive relaxed audience with money to spend to enjoy themselves.

43 scans of the bar code printed on the table mats was recorded within the first 35 minutes of of the bar mats hitting the tables and the entire bar areas.

Beer Mats, Bar Mats or Table Mats whatever you want to call them, they all serve the same purpose for everyone in business..
They place Highly Colourful advertising messages directly in front of rotating audiences full of relaxed consumers demonstrating they have money to spend.
Bar mats, or table mats are the only advertising media that if they were NOT place in front of us we would complain about it..."Excuse me, can I have a Beer Mat here please"?

Let them see your company on Table Mats and Bar Mats everywhere they look.

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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