Target Customers Market

Beer mats are the perfect advertising media to reach every specific target customers market.
Beer Mats are placed in front of relaxed and highly receptive groups of target customers.
This target media speaks to customers of all age groups and is the preferred advertising and market media of Companies large and small.

Target customers market with social advertising beer mats

All successful businesses have one core element at the centre of their business thinking.
They identify their target customers and market their products and services directly to them.
Target customers advertising and marketing awareness campaigns conducted on beer mats

Highly successful companies never, ever engage in any forms of "blanket advertising" whatsoever.
They chose each target market with surgical like precision; and direct all their advertising efforts towards those specific target areas and customers.

Statistically 92.1% of businesses attract their core customers from the local area and from within 3.7 miles of their business premisses.

So it makes a great deal of sense to target potential customers in and around these specific areas. And not spread budgets too thinly by blanket advertising in less productive areas..... Target Your Customers.

Celtic Quest Coasteering beer mats target customers market in Wales

These beer mats for Celtic Quest Coasteering are targeted at young active males and females in the many local Bars, Pubs and Sports Clubs within a 5 mile area of the coast. They target the "right" areas for the right customer market.

Their colourful advertising message is directed at
a specific audience and is instantly recognisable.

Celtic Quest found that the response to advertising in other areas failed to bring an acceptable return on their investment; with a ROAS in the negative.

Beer mats speak to the right target customers in the right market place; and at the right time.

Advertising response statistics for 2011 target market customers

These certified statistics for 2011 show the two top performers (excluding the T.V) to be both outdoor advertising and marketing media; each of which target customers demonstrating they have money to spend.

In these market areas a correctly targeted Beermat advertising campaign will out perform all the others.

Beer mats are highly visible, extremely colourful and on display for some 16hrs. a day; every day of the week. That's 112hrs. of constant advertising to the highly receptive and constantly rotating target customer audience market place.

Target your customers and market your business in your specific catchment areas.

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Beer Mats are the best and most cost effective way to promote your company and your products to a targeted area

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