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The perfect area to place Taxi advertising media is of course in all the local Pubs.
Extensive surveys indicate that Taxi services advertising on the Pub's Beer Mats are more trusted and regarded as being completely safe.
Landlords witness high volumes of Beer Mats Advertising Taxi services taken by customers.

Taxi Advertising Media Marketing

Safety and reliability are the prime concerns of every passenger when choosing a Taxi service.
Public Houses that host Taxi advertising and media marketing campaigns on their Beer Mats effectively recommend those Taxi services and allay the concerns of potential passengers.
Chauffeur taxi advertising media marketing

Taxi companies along with coach travel operators, limousine hire and the like, all derive a huge benefit from advertising and marketing on the Beer Mats placed in the Pubs and Clubs throughout the land.

Taxi companies and Taxi drivers everywhere have a wide ranging and massive wealth of "Knowledge"
They know where and when Mr and Mrs Smith shop how much they buy and from whom; they know more about the state of the UK's economy than anyone.

Company directors and managers that ride in their cabs talk about ROAS and ROI; what works and what doesn't...... Imparting more useful information.

Globe Taxi advertising media marketing promotions

Armed with all this information Taxi companies choose to offer the advertising space on their cabs to third parties; while using the revenue generated to promote themselves on Beer Mats in the Nations many Pubs and Clubs.
Demonstrating they value the traditional Beermat as an advertising and marketing media far higher than anything else.

This phenomena repeats itself throughout most of Europe and North America; reinforcing the advertising valve of what was once solely a UK advertising and marketing media.

For Taxi advertising media marketing; advertise where the Taxis advertise themselves.

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