Top 5 Clear Plastic Boxes

Looking for the best Clear Plastic Boxes? In this article you will find all the details on the Clear Plastic Boxes and find the one that matches you!

If you have already started your research for the best Clear Plastic Boxes, you will know that there are many types of Clear Plastic Boxes out there and finding the best Clear Plastic Boxes can be a difficult task. To help you out, we’ve gone ahead found the best Clear Plastic Boxes that are for sale on Amazon right now!

Perfect! A few simple tucks and folds and there you have it! Perfect for my chocolate covered apples! Had to merely use a little heat and a tool (standard hole punch tool not long enough to go to middle of lid) to puncture a whole in the top to allow the blinged out apple stick to slide through just fine! Will be ordering again!

Don’t get me wrong. These are wonderful boxes, but if you are planning to put a buttercream or other soft-coated cupcake in it, think again. The frosting inevitably touches the sides, ruining the effect you are trying to achieve. Don’t have a photo because the memory is too painful. Fondant, a hard chocolate, plain powdered sugar, maybe, but not your typically frosted cupcake. Also a bit of a learning curve assembling them. Bottom tabs should go inside, not outside the box. Otherwise, these are wonderful, 5-star boxes.

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