Top 5 Sewing Basket Organizer

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This is a great beginner’s kit. It has the major supplies needed and a nice box and tray. Obviously the tools are not the best quality but decent. My major annoyance is that they say they have the tomato pincushion. It is in the shape of one but instead of sand in the big section it has a ball of foam. Not worth it if you are choosing this over another because it has a “bonus” tomato pin cushion.

I bought this not for sewing but for a place to keep things like my earbuds, charger for phone, hand lotion, eyeglasses, this is cute and prevents me from having my end tables cluttered, makes a great little place to store things I use often

Luxja Sewing Accessories Organizer, Double-Layer Sewing Supplies Organizer for Needles, Scissors, Measuring Tape, Thread and Other Sewing Tools (NO Accessories Included), Purple[/amalinkspro]