Top 5 Sewing Basket Organizer For Embroidery

A very nice sewing box. The supplies that came with it are very handy. The pin tomato isn’t the best, but it’s great for casual use.The box itself is nice quality and very spacious. I ordered the large size.

This box holds all my supplies, embroidery gear except for my larger rings which is fine. For being as big as it is, I’m pleased it isn’t gigantic. The print reminds me of my grandmothers ebrodery box. Very happy with this!

I purchased and returned the medium size container in pink polka dots and got the large because my sheers and curved fashion rulers would not fit. This one actually comes with more stuff and better quality stuff than the small, and it fits my supplies except for my 18 inch fashion ruler perfect.

I am starting my sewing class, well technically it already started and I was told to buy a container. I will be bedazzling it a bit with Swarovski crystals because that’s just who I am and with this beautiful container I already feel like a pro… update I already did a lil design on it so I posted pics of how it looks