Top 5 Sponge Holder for Sink For Dish Soap

Got these because someone in my household always, without fail, leaves the sponge in the kitchen sink, where it soaks up everything that’s dumped into and down the sink and since someone else eats over the sink, the sponge is also always covered with crumbs and food crud.

So gross always finding a cold wet crummy cruddy sponge in the sink. This hanging basket miraculously solved that problem. The strips are too short to hang around the faucet but it hangs perfectly over the edges of the sprayer thingy without obstructing its movement. And it holds the small bottle of dishsoap too so there’s no more dishsoap-bottle-sitting-in-a-perpetual-puddle. Yes, it’s the small things in life that make such a big difference

I was not sure I’d like this when I opened it up and needed to secure the straps around a wide based kitchen sink faucet but it has stated secured.

My sponge,handled sponge and metal pot scrubber stay cleaner and dryer than my old way of storing these items in a small bowl that did not drain and yes got gross. I gave one to a sibling and they like it too

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