Best Sewing Kit Storage For Scissors and Patterns

I got this for the box.. not the stuff they send with it. Maybe 2 or 3 things they include are of any worth. However I’ve filled this with my sewing stuff and I’m happy. It’s cute enough that it can be on a shelf and add to your decor.

I’m not a fan of the handle but it seems to be attached with good quality. Snap on front is a real snap and not for show (nice). Now that I’ve used this a few times I really like the tray… yes I would recommend this but remember the sewing tools sent with this are total junque. The box is worth the price.

I’ve had a wooden sewing basket for years and never really liked it so I am glad I finally decided to treat myself to a new one. It is very pretty and though I did not need all the accessories, it is nice to have extras.

The only thing I did not like was a three inch in diameter soft “something” on the inside lid. It prevented the lid from closing completely. I ripped it