Get Boot Cover For Shoes Motorcycle Boots

The hole in the toe area isn’t the fault of the company, that’s from riding my motorcycle at least once a week during the winter when it’s cold enough to have to wear these. That being said, they do an excellent job of keeping my feet warm, even at 70+ mph when it’s 30-35 degrees out.

Two pairs of socks though, I’m not crazy. Lol BUT. I only bought these things a year ago. They saw weekly use last winter, but only maybe one or two days a week. Then part of the spring, and again part of this fall. I don’t think the heel should be blowing out already, the the duct tape is covering where the fabric is split from the sole for 3″ or so.

I bought these shoe covers to wear while working in the yard to keep the weed seeds out of my shoes and socks. I also like that my shoes don’t get dirty now, so I can take the shoe covers off and wear my still clean shoes into the house.

I don’t bother zipping them up because the Velcro is easy to open and close. I do have to use the ankle strap, however, to keep the bottom of the sole tight against my shoe to walk in them. But they work well to keep my feet and shoes clean and dry.

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