Get Pet Comb For Cat and Dog

I LOVE this comb! I’ve been a groomer for almost 2 years now and, until this comb, I’ve been buying the $10-$15, 2”, brand less poodle combs off of Amazon. The teeth on those bend very easily and fall out of the comb falls. We’ve had a new groomer transfer to our salon a little while ago and she had one of these in her arsenal of tool.

She saw the ‘comb graveyard’ in my bag and sent me the link to this one. She’s had her cone for most of her 10 year grooming career and the comb is one of her favorites.

The rounded spine and length makes account really easy to hold onto and use, the weight of it is really nice in my hands as well. I have attached images with a ruler to show the measurements as I’ve seen many reviews here talk about different homes and receiving different sizes. It may be that in the past the seller had multiple comb listings and has since changed it, but I didn’t experience receiving a wrong item.

The last photo attached is a comparison between my new comb and the ware my coworkers comb has gone though over about 10 years of use. This comb is solid and is one of my go tos when I’m working on doodles or long coated breeds. ❤️ I highly recommend purchasing this comb!