Buy Boot Cover For Camping

I bought a pair of these covers for my husband and I to use over down booties for camping. The footbed sizing seems to be correct and the quality of construction is good. Our only complaint is that the leg portion is extremely narrow and there is very little give.

We can get away with putting it lower and slouching the boots (fine for puttering around camp) but if your lower calf is over ~14″, these won’t zip, velcro, or snap closed at the top with them fully pulled up. The narrow leg design does not seem to scale with the sizing either, as I purchased M for myself and 2XL for my husband.

Previously when I was on a motorcycle trip and caught in the rain I would put on my rain gear, but my pants were just a little too short once my leg was bent and riding and the rain would run down the back of my boot getting my feet soaked.

Not anymore. These unzip enough to slide your boot into them fairly easily. They fit snug all the way around so they weren’t getting caught up while shifting or braking. When off the highway and needing to stop through town for lights etc, they were fine for grip on the pavement.

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