Buy Plastic Condiment Squeeze Bottles For Simple Syrup

These are great squeeze bottles to help make crafting a little easier. I buy mod podge in large containers with screw lids. I also use polycrylic on many projects. I’m not a fan of having to use a hammer to place the lid on that every time I use it which is often.

By using these squeeze bottles, I’m saving time and avoiding mess. It’s just much easier to store and use liquids in these bottles than in the ones they originally come in. Each has an attached tip to keep contents clean and secure. They came with 2 little funnels which have come in handy for filling ornaments with glitter.

The bottles are very soft plastic. I use them for simple syrup for mixed drinks. If you squeeze too hard, the liquid leaks through the threads holding the top on. If you take your time and don’t squeeze too hard they work just fine.