Online Swimming Fins For Scuba Diving

I am not a great swimmer by any means. I swim in the pool at my gym for fitness because arthritis makes it hard for me to do certain conventional exercises. Like others have stated, these are not too big, so walking in them isn’t bad. But the main thing I love about them is how FAST they made me! I use a kick board in conjunction and was able to complete a lot more laps than before.

They are so fun! I felt like I got a better workout because I wanted to swim longer. They did not give me any blisters, but I bought a pair that fit snug, in other words, I can’t place two fingers between my foot and the flipper. They stayed put. I wear a size 7 most of the time but also can wear 6-1/2. The Small was too big, so I returned for Extra Small and they are perfect.

As another reviewer mentioned, these fins fit VERY wide. My daughter normally wears wide shoes, which is why I purchased these fins, but they are even too wide for her. The ankle is especially wide.