Online Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder For Bathroom Storage

I liked this Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder Pan Lip Caddy that they have two rim brushes head. The narrow side and the oval brushes on other side. You use the narrow side to clean around the rim of the toilet bown and the oval side inside the your toilet bowl.

I found this toilet brushes is very useful compared to the tradition toilet brush with the mushroom shape head that you can’t clean around the rim of the toilet bowl. Also, the handle is 17″ inches longer than other toilet bowl brush. I would recommend this product.

The reason why I give it 5 stars because is light blue color and 17″ handle that I like and it’s looked very nice in the bathroom. Hope to find this helpful.

I bought a very expensive version at one of those home gatherings. I tried this one and was pleasantly surprised to find it works just as well and was 1/2 the cost.. Everyone will be very happy with purchase!!