Buy Cable Management Box For Computers Office Home

Cable guy gave us a two-piece router with a tangle of cables and wires and just bunched it up on my desk where the router connects to my iMac. I asked the cable guy if there was something I could do about the eyesore and he shrugged his shoulders before leaving. I did a search of solutions for messy wires and my research led me to this product.

I got the biggest cable management box I could find because the amount of cable was formidable. Happily, all the cable fit into this box and now my desk looks neat and clean again. This is just what the doctor ordered.

I was getting desperate trying to find cable management boxes that were wide enough to fit a large power strip with bulky power bricks plugged into it. This was the only one I found that accommodates this real world need. I bought two and with minimal rearrangement was able to fit bulky computer surge protectors with bulky power bricks into them.

There are cord openings at the end and on one side, and smaller ones through the top, so getting everything efficiently arranged was quite simple. I did buy other “large” cable management boxes, but they could not accommodate the surge suppressors I have. I’m not rating durability since I just got them, but I am quite pleased with these boxes.