Top 5 Cable Management Box Messy Wires

Sadly there aren’t enough cable management boxes on the market with large surge protector accommodating dimensions. The price on this was a bit painful to shuck out for. Alas, everything else was great in fact.

There are plenty of holes, on the sides and through the top of the lid [yes!]. It is quality material. Does not bend, and can hold a lot of cables. I’m talking an 11 outlet big ass surge protector and cord, and a lot of gigantic AC plugs that need room to breath, and those damn power bricks along the cables. Whew! It hides them all like a boss.

Perfect for accommodating a large plug that extend beyond the width of a surge protector. And hiding many wires. I use this cable box to replace a Bluelounge CableBox for reasons of size. One photo shows that CableBox inside this Ugreen Box.

In the right location, this box is great! It is much larger and more noticeable than the one-color lid-and-box Bluelounge units that ‘tuck’ into many places in my home and seem to disappear. However, this box is more versatile with the back-side openings in addition to the side slits. And the sliver openings on top make it easy to slip a mobile phone charging cord (or some small size plug) through. Just purchased a second one.