Top 5 Magnetic Letters For Travelling Toys

I bought these refrigerator alphabet magnets for my toddler as the previous set we had, I felt the magnets could fall out of them and become a choking hazard. These magnets are made out of wood with a full back magnet.

The alphabet cards with them are an added bonus, though I have not used them yet. I took off one star because, as others have mentioned, these at times delaminate. Although the paint is thick, these are still made out of plywood.

I got one wet (see pictures), and very quickly it swelled and started delaminating. Since this only has happened to one, and many of the other letters have gotten damp from cleaning or falling, I only took one star off. Overall, I am pleased with these magnets.

We have loved these for over three years now, so much so that I’m buying sets for all my peeps with young kids! No magnets to worry about falling out, no paper to worry about getting peeled off, and no scratching on the metal (in our experience).

I also like that they have eyes, to help distinguish between similar letters such as M and W, 6 and 9, or L and 7, and to learn the proper direction/position they should be. It’s little things like that, that you don’t realize are super helpful until you don’t have them and are constantly having to turn letters right side up so they learn them the right way, even subconsciously in play.

We’ve used them to also practice short words. Great quality, and value FOR SURE!