Where Can I Buy Microwave Pasta Cooker For Pasta

It’s kind of ridiculous for a poorly-endorsed informercial product to be this good. Of course most of the recipies in the book seem ridiculous, I’ve only used it for pasta, but it’s cooked the pasta better than in a pot every time. 2 servings of spaghetti cook beautifully in here in 15 minutes, nice and al-dente without being too hard or soft. My only complaint is that after many machine washings the plastic became etched and I couldn’t see the water lines clearly from outside, the utility is so high though that I bought this last one to replace my original. If you want an infomercial product that’s actually useful and convenient while even cooking better than the alternative this is it. Haven’t tried the other recipes though and they probably won’t cook well but this is a beast of a pasta cooker.

Very easy to use. If you have the time and would rather pop this in the microwave than boil water, this works great. I’ve only used this for pasta but if it works as well as it does for that, the steaming function will be great too. The straining lid makes draining your pasta easy and much safer than messing with walking with a pot of boiling liquid. You do need to watch out for the steam still but it works very well.