Buy Small Trash Can with Lid For Composting Coffee Grounds

Small, simple, and functional. Exactly as advertised and photoed. Perfect size for scraps/composting— collects enough things before they get smelly. The main hanging hook works perfect on my cupboard, and having a fully removable lid is a plus.

Lid also has a little hook that can hang off the rim or handle when you take it off. Photos attached with regular dinner knife for scale. Has a 3 gallon compostable bag in place.

I am pretty happy with this compost bucket as it hides underneath and inside the cabinet. It attaches to the door with a piece you can slide the bucket up and off to go dump outside when full. I hated having the compost on the counter top as it takes up space, so this really does help on that. It’s easy to empty, clean and replace.

The ONLY thing I wish were different, is that the lid were a pop up so you didn’t have to pull it off every time, as sometimes my hands are full of scraps to throw inside. More of a “hands free” type of lid, but its really not that much of a bother, just a bit inconvenient when both hands are being used.

It would help if I just remembered to take off the lid before cutting my produce, use it when needed, and then replace lid when finished. All in all a really nice product.