I Want A Neodymium Cup Magnets For Lifting Machinary

These magnets are too strong for almost all uses. Very few people could remove these magnets if they are placed on a solid steel surface without tools to aid in the process (or sliding them to an edge). If you need something with this attracting force they are fantastic. Otherwise, find something different.

Just as advertised. TX requires front plates on vehicles – didn’t want to drill holes in my heavy duty bumper with winch so screwed four of these on the license plate and slapped it on the bumper. BTW, if you do this, make sure you have it where you want it on the first try.

Had to remove it and put back on and the magnets are so strong that it bent the license plate peeling it off! Yes, I strongly recommend this product. Also, there is a plastic washer between each magnet when you receive them.

It is very important to leave the washer between magnets until you use them otherwise you’ll have a difficult time separating them without the washer.